• PVDF/PTFE/ETFE canopy shade tensile membrane structure

PVDF/PTFE/ETFE canopy shade tensile membrane structure

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The project site is located at Lotus Hill Pier in Guangzhou. It plays a role of shading and retaining water when the dock is docked for unloading. In addition, at the entrance is a structural shape using arch amplitude, giving a sense of magnificent style. The film fabric of this project has good self-cleaning properties and light transmission. After 10 years of direct sunlight, its brightness still remains 70%. In addition, the film cloth is excellent in flexibility and will not be brittle or broken due to foldin

This kind of styling is suitable for outdoor shading sites such as sports stands shade, commercial plazas, park attractions, and schools.


Design Load


Load value: Dead Load 0.1KN/m2; 
Live Load 0.3KN/m2;
Basic Air Pressure: 0.95 kn/m2;
Body Shape Factor : 1.3; 
Geomorphology : Grade B.

Material Parameter

Project Area

350 square meters

Structure Selection

The Main Metal Structure Adopts Q235 Steel Pipe

Steel pipe

High-frequency welded pipe, the material is Q235, and the welding rod is E43 type.

Membrane material

PVC architectural membrane material, the color is white

Pre-embedded steel plate

Q235 steel