• New design tensile membrane structure for stadium roof

New design tensile membrane structure for stadium roof

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The project is based on the main steel structure as the main body, the cable structure is the force carrier, and the tensioned membrane unit is evenly loaded on the cable structure to ensure the stability and applicability of the structure. Using professional playground shade structure software, the construction and installation simulation analysis calculations were performed at both local and whole levels, including detailed simulation analysis of the distribution and installation of typical structural units; and the overall structure of the shelter was divided into steps according to the construction tension sequence. The simulation of force analysis.


The results of force analysis fully show that the steel structure stadium roof  structural roof fully utilizes the overall bearing capacity of the structural foundation, maximizes the effectiveness of the material mechanics, and has the characteristics of novel design, unique structure, attractive appearance, and magnificent appearance.


This style is suitable for swimming pool shade, golf tee, club shade. The shade of the tennis court steel structure, the awning of the landscape, and other features provide simple and generous shapes and styles.


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