• Luxury sports canopy tent pvdf tensile stadium membrane structure

Luxury sports canopy tent pvdf tensile stadium membrane structure

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This project is located on the campus of Chongzheng Middle School in Sabah. The film structure is light and elegant, simple in shape, and it is a beautiful scenery on the sports field. The combination of aesthetics and practicality makes the entire sports venue more classy. In addition, the membrane material used is excellent in high temperature resistance, self-cleaning, easy to clean, and easy to maintain, and is more suitable for outdoor sports venues.

Maybe every city has a lot of sports grounds, but there is a distinctive, well-shaped membrane structure that is enough to make your playground more stylish. More eye-catching, more distinctive!

This type of styling is suitable for swimming pool shade, golf tee, club shade, tennis sun shade, landscape awning and other door shade, simple and generous style, different styles.


Project Area

1500 square meters

Structure Selection

The Main Metal Structure Adopts Q235 Steel Pipe

Steel pipe

High-frequency welded pipe, the material is Q235, and the welding rod is E43 type.

Membrane material

PVC architectural membrane material, the color is white

Pre-embedded steel plate

Q235 steel



Appearance inspections are performed on all weld locations. The visual inspection level is Class B.


Rust removal is applied at the surface of all components and the rating is St3.


All steel components are treated with sharp corners, burrs and flashes. After the weld is welded, the slag and spatter are removed.


Super-long steel structural parts are processed in the factory according to the reasonable transport capacity segment, transported to the site assembly welding, and required to ensure that the strength of the assembled weld is stronger than the original steel components.


Prior to installation and construction of steel structures, it is necessary to check and measure the precision of embedded parts in advance.


Reasonably arrange the installation sequence of steel structure and membrane structure.

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