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Africa is dominated by virgin forests. An undeveloped pure land in Kenya has endless forests and herds of zebras. The facilities in the hotel tent room are made of light environmentally friendly Q235 steel material and green PVDF membrane cloth. The luxury resort tents make full use of solar energy and charging systems to be closer to the natural environment and not to damage the forest environment as much as possible.

This is a newly developed resort and the client wants to build a luxury glamping safari resort. The total area of the project is 2,100 square meters, with a total of 30 hotel tents, of which 27 are used as hotel guest rooms, one is used as reception, one is for business meetings, and one is for restaurant. The shape of the hotel tent guest rooms is a conventional 5*5m square structure. Each glamping guest room has an independent bathroom, and is equipped with a desk and a casual coffee table. At the same time, for a better customer experience, we also provide supporting septic tanks. The other 3 resort hotel functional rooms are 5m hexagonal, and each functional room has a regular polygonal structure. Therefore, customers can combine or disassemble according to their requirements for separate use, which fully reflects the flexible and fast assembly characteristics of the glamping hotel tent.


In addition, in the resort hotel reception room of the front desk, we customize and extend the sunroof on one side according to customer requirements, so as to facilitate the reception of tourists to block the sun when getting off the car, and better provide tourists with comfortable and considerate holiday services.