• Aluminium Frame Marquee Party Event Tent 10 x 20 for Outdoor Activity

Aluminium Frame Marquee Party Event Tent 10 x 20 for Outdoor Activity

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When you want to do an event in a business district, grassland, beach, beach, private villa, or even anywhere in the wild where you want to go, the banquet tent must be a great companion, in addition to helping you solve the problem. The weather is annoyed, and the interior without a pillar is designed to give you a completely independent and free space. You can arrange the interior space according to the theme of the event. Just like decorating your home, you can completely divide the entire scene, and decorate the desired area with some simple furniture, tables, chairs, lights, projections, flowers, etc. The effect is that the Guang Ao tent can provide white, color, color matching, and the PVC cloth top with shading and semi-shading effect.


The most practical question for organizing an event should be “How to choose the right tent size”, because the movable tent is a modular, prefabricated building that can be expanded or shrunk in an orderly manner. As a professional tent manufacturer, Guang Ao has provided one-stop temporary space solutions for various activities. Generally speaking, you only need to tell us the estimated number of people. As a professional, we will serve you. The banquet recommends a suitable tent for the size of the event, and Guang Ao will solve all your worries.


Clear-span width
3m - 50m
Eave height
2.6m /3m/4m/5m/6m or customized
Ridge height
4.3 - 8m or customized
Bay distance
5m or customized
Frame material
Hard pressed extruded Aluminium 6061-T6  
Cover material
Waterproof, fireproof(DIN4012 B1, M2), UV resistant
Eave/Ridge connection
Hot-dip Galvanized steel insert
Main profile
84x48x3mm, 122x68x3mm, 166x88x3mm, 203x112x4mm,204x112x4.5mm, 256x120x5mm, 300x125x5mm,300x125x5mm, or customized  
Max.allowed wind speed
100km/hour, 0.5kn/m³ or can be customized

Fixing accessories:

General ways for fixing tent on ground, ① free,  ② and ③ need extra pay.

 Expansion bolts: When tent fixed on hard ground which is allowed to drill holes,such as cement or tarmac ground,etc. This accessories in including, for free.

 Ground anchor: When tent fixed use on the loosen ground,such as the sand and grass,etc.

 Steel weight plate: When tent fixed on the place which can't be damaged, such as marble or tile ground.

 Embeded screw: When tent will be used in one same place permanently.

Optional Accessories:

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