Stadium Membrane Structure

Large open stadiums require large-span space and large-area coverage. They can pursue sporty, contemporary style, natural ventilation, natural lighting, no thermal insulation, and special sound processing. Medium-sized stadium stands, speech booths and other open shelters, mainly to meet the shade, shelter from rain, beautiful architecture, no insulation, audio and other requirements, with a large pitch and cantilever, this type of building is very suitable for the membrane structure. Because the membrane can realize a large space without pillars, it is widely used in stadiums in enclosed building spaces, such as basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, and swimming pools. If it is a training venue, it can be described as a semi-closed building with low requirements for heat preservation, heat insulation and sound. If it is a stadium for competitions, it is necessary to make a clear design for the winter insulation and summer heat insulation, and at the same time design the building acoustics.